A little mid week trip to the canal

IMG_9484It’s Mid week, we’re almost at the home stretch to the weekend. This coming weekend is Fathers Day and tonight my husband suggested a walk down by the canal. He had seen there were a few ships coming through and thought the boys might like it. He was right and I think he enjoyed it just as much!

It was a good twist to our typical evening activities. To the boys delight there was even a park!

We had fun, playing and watching how the canal fills up with water and the boats drive in and out of the lock. Plus we got to see the bridges rise to allow the ships to go through. My oldest also got his fill cranes on the boats and on land!

It’s nice to take part in whats around us.

Step out and go on a short adventure, you never know what you’ll find. Hope you enjoy these shots I captured 🙂 ships passing each other in the canalboys really enjoyed watching the ships in the lockship in the lockthere's a lot of directions these ships go and you can watch them pass by on the observation deck

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