Canada’s 148th Birthday Party

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3 weeks ago we celebrated Canada Day with a Parade, a Poutine, a Barbecue and Fireworks!

It was a lot of fun with friends and family. Most of the decorations I got at a dollar store or printed myself and made. Obviously Pinterest was involved!

We went to the parade with the boys in the morning and on the way home we saw a food truck with poutines and what’s more Canadian than a Poutine!? So we made an impromptu pit-stop. It was a really good Poutine too! The cheese curds squeaked, if you’ve had fresh cheese curds you know what I’m talking about. My grandpa always said, if they squeaked in your teeth they were fresh. After that we got the boys home for a rest and got ready for the BBQ.

We we red and white almost everything. I made some watermelon, strawberries and white chocolate covered pretzels resemble the Canada flag and cupcakes with “Eh” on them because every party needs cupcakes. Who could forget the maple cookies? Not us!

After the party was all said and done and the kids had gone to bed, my husband and I shared a well deserved beer and climbed a ladder up to our roof to enjoy the neighbourhood fireworks.

Canada celebrated it's 148 Birthday on July 1st. Canada Flags everywhere!

What did you do for Canada Day???


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