Feeling S’well about my S’well Bottle

Okay, so we all love a good cold drink on a hot day right? And we love our hot drinks to stay hot, right? Think you could have ONE bottle that did both? You Can and it’s “S’well”! lol Be prepared for a lot of “S’well” puns, I can’t resist! Much like I couldn’t resist buying a S’well Bottle. I have no regrets people, I love it.

I saw all the hype about S’well bottles and I saw the price, bit steep for a bottle (or so I thought). Not gonna lie,  I fell victim to celebrity endorsement. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Jamie Greenburg (Celebrity Make-Up Artist) both raved about their bottles. So when I saw them at Chapters Indigo. I splurged (using an in-store rebate), but lets go back a couple months to what truly lead to this purchase. My morning commute starts from home, to my sons day care, to work. So I would pour my coffee/tea in my mug before we head out the door and after the 45 minute commute and all’s said and done  it’s luke warm. Yum, basically cold coffee. I grew more and more frustrated. Knowing there was a chance this “S’well” bottle could keep the heat I made the point to try it.

So lets fast forward to my first use. After admiring the sheer beauty of the bottle. I finally poured a hot coffee in. Like most days at home with my boys (2 kids 2 1/2 & 11 months), my coffee usually gets a couple sips at the start and then forgotten about through the hussle and bussle of activities, diaper changes, etc. Only this time, When I went back (2 hours later) to my S’well bottle  my hot coffee, was still HOT! *insert happy dance I mean it was hot! Just as hot as the first 2 sips. It’s light weight and an added bonus I wasn’t expecting it’s cool to the touch. Most of my To Go mugs usually are hot to grab after I pour boiling water into them but not this bottle! So now I’m excited! I continued about my day and again when I remembered I had a coffee on the go, around dinner time (6 hours later) I opened the bottle took a sip of a perfectly hot coffee, no joke. Like I have fallen in love with this bottle. S’well Bottle claims 12 hours HOT, 24 hours COLD and it’s TRUE. Plus aside from several size bottles to choose from and colour choices they also plant a tree with every bottle sold, which I didn’t know at the time I purchased it. So as they say, It looks good and does good! Win Win!

I truly can’t say enough about it, I love it. It’s S’well.

This may go down as best purchase of 2015, I know, it’s still early in the year but that’s how much I think I’m in love with it. I’m probably gonna need a 2nd S’well bottle lol. Just sayin. IMG_6520 IMG_6549IMG_6539


*this was not a sponsored post, purely my opinion

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