Measure Once! …lets talk Bra’s

My husband the avid Reddit reader stumbles across all sorts of information. When he stumbled across the way to measure for a bra, he shared it with me and encouraged me to try it. Knowing full well that I complain about bra’s and the lack of comfort.

I appreciated his thoughtfulness but I resisted. If you’re anything like me, you avoid getting measured it at all costs lol.

He patiently waited and would remind me he still had his tape measure and the link. I finally caved. I let him measure me. He gave me the size and I started looking at bra’s online on a couple of sites (Fresh Pair & Bare Necessities). I also went to a local store and tried some on in my new size before I ordered anything. None of the big chains like Victoria Secret, LaSenza or Le Vi Enrose carry anything higher than a DD.

Until recently I just wore whatever DD bra I could find from Victoria Secret, in whatever style I could that kept the “girls” in place but they were never really comfortable or reliable.

Once I tried on my new size, I was actually taken back by the comfort and fit. It fit how I thought in my head a bra SHOULD fit. Total game changer. Tops fit better, my back feels better and I am confident you wont catch me adjusting.  I highly recommend measuring yourself (using the Reddit Link) and try on a bra in the size it suggests. I doubt you’ll regret it. I sure don`t and to my husbands enjoyment, I wish I had done it sooner.

You wear a bra everyday, why not take 10 minutes, measure and invest in something that is going to be comfortable and reliable?

Reddit post about Bra Measurements


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