I’ve been asked to share some “mommy moments”. You know those “precious stories” about our kids that we share at work in the morning (when you arrive exhausted) or text to your best mom friend because you just can’t believe it happen, or the baby did the cutest thing…Or maybe you learned a sweet trick to get the toddler to bed (if you have said trick and are reading this, please share!). Either way Monday is the day I’m going to share whatever mommy moment that stood out for me (good or not so good, not so good happens).

Teething is whats happening. Teething is not fun. For anyone. We are talking about a small person, who’s in pain, irritable and can’t communicate using words, leaving them to scream and cry at you. They can’t sleep soundly, which means you’re not sleeping soundly. There’s a rash on their tiny little bum and there’s drool. A lot of drool. Leading to a lot of laundry. This teething this is real. So all that being said. I recommend going with your gut on how to help your baby. Do what you can to calm them (and yourself!). Tonight tried as we might we could not get the little guy to sleep, so I made the call and headed out in the mini-van for a soothing car ride. It took all of  3 minutes for him to fall asleep (why didn’t I take him sooner!?). In the short time I have sat down to right this, he’s already woken once, you guessed it, screaming.

It will pass… The tooth will come, things will calm down. Right???

Share your teething stories in the comments, after all we are in this together!


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