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Rust and WildflowersRust and Wildflowers






When I came across a picture of reclaimed wood painted with beautiful birch tree’s I was hooked! Aside from it just looking amazing, I had a sentimental attachment to birch trees. I have came to adore reclaimed wood and she make it look like a million bucks. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love my piece from her and will be showing it off to everyone I can and since I’m hanging it in my room, I’m gonna have to start making my bed!

A little bit about the women behind Rust & Wildflowers, back in September she took some scrap wood from her husband Corey and turned it into something gorgeous. It was her way of relaxing after her son went to sleep. She decided to offer one on frugal mommy and was overwhelmed with interest (I was one of the people overwhelming her lol). She got message after message of people wanting to order.

With so much interest she knew she needed a name and brilliantly came up with Rust & Wildflowers. She makes her own stain using rust, the chemical reaction with steel and vinegar and tea makes rustic beautiful wood. She uses nothing but reclaimed wood, from anywhere she can get her hands on it which is amazing in it self. The idea behind the name is putting something rough and rustic together with natural beauty like wildflowers.

With an adorable 1 year old son Sawyer whom I’ve met and think is adorable and she’s making 20-30 signs a month and has become a pro with power tools which any little boy would think is cool for his mom to do! Most importantly she puts her family first and it truly shows in her work. She’s an amazing working mom.

Rust and WildflowersRust and WildflowersRust and Wildflowers

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