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This is the first post in a series the “working mom” or for the new age folks #workingmom.

There are so many angles of “the working mom”, every mom’s working hard no matter what they’re doing. There’s the stay at home mom, the working mom and the working stay at home mom.

I fall into the category of the working stay at home mom, which means I work from home while I also care for my boys. I went to work with my oldest son, a transition that many moms can relate to (it’s tough). Managing a house, a family and work but we totally nail it.

After I had my 2nd things shifted a little (as life does) and he went day care at 9 months for a short period of time while my oldest attended a Montessori school. There were a lot of drop offs and pick ups throughout the day. Things shifted again and now my youngest is home full time and my oldest still attends school part time (until summer break). It’s been good for a few different reasons being home but I imagine life will shift again one day.

I am currently working from home part time (usually during nap and bedtime) for two amazing women who are by far the best bosses I have had (and I’m not just saying that in case they read this). They are two moms who have made successful careers for themselves in Photography and now have merged and opened their own chapel. It’s inspiring to me to see. It means you can do something you truly enjoy in life if you put your mind to it and take the risk. Life is short we should all try to do what we love.

It can be a struggle as a mom to balance work and family. I’m noticing many moms finding their own solutions. Some moms open their own day care so they can be home with their kids. Some mom”s opening baking businesses like SweetArt by Elizabeth who I got my AMAZING wedding cake from. She runs out of her house.

I’m sure stay at home moms have been doing this for centuries now but is it just me or have moms become more creative these days?

I recently joined a group on Facebook called “Frugal Mommy” and it’s really shown me how moms (who are strangers) are helping fellow moms. One mom I’ve recently met with has started to make her own business with reclaimed wood and paint. She, like me also works while her son sleeps. She was kind enough to give me one of her pieces for my husband on our anniversary and let me do a highlight on her business Rust & Wildflowers but that’s part two! So you’ll have to wait to read about her, you won’t want to miss it she makes beautiful pieces.

Whether you enjoy your full time job as a doctor or administrator or being a full time stay at home mom we are all sharing a similar strength and determination and we all deserve credit and a pat on the back.

working stay at home mom

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