Up North

The Lake

For probably as long as I can remember and I’m going back to early elementary school, my family and I traveled up north to go camping. Every summer we would make the drive up to the lake and visit our grandparents, sometimes for a month or just a weekend. We would fish, swim, have camp fires and roast marsh mellows, even make pizza pie irons. It was all a tradition and now in my thirties I am still carrying the traditions on, not as frequently but it’s carried on none the less.

Since Vedder was born (3 years ago) we have taken him up to the lake to visit his great-grandparents just as my parents took me and now for the 2nd time we’ve taken Parker (who is now 17 months old). It’s always really fun to watch them take in atmosphere. From the cows in the field, the surrounding tree’s, stars in the sky, the lake and the air, I don’t know who enjoys it more, me or them. It means a lot for me to be able to take them back to where I grew up and spent my summers.

I finally got to teach Vedder how to fish and watch his face as he reeled in his first catch. Sadly the first one got away just as we got him to the top but he still saw the fish we caught and he seemed to really enjoy it. I also enjoyed watching my husband fish from a boat for the first time and catch his first (4 lbs) large mouth bass! I would lie if I said I wasn’t happy to be back out on the boat fishing myself. I was rusty but near the end I was back in the game.

teaching my son to fish was a really good experiencehere fishy fishy fishy








Seeing Parker take his first boat ride was a lot of fun, he wasn’t bothered by it but he wasn’t sure about it either. He slept on me a little as we moved but once we stopped he explored the boat and looked around at the water. Some loons swam past us and we were fortunate enough to watch a water plane land in front of us as it flew right over our heads.

teaching my son to fish was a really good experience

We enjoyed campfires each night just before the boys went to bed. Vedder especially enjoyed the marshmallow roasting and sitting by the fire. Grandpa even threw in a piece of copper for a rainbow flame. What I enjoyed most was gazing up at the stars, that view is mesmerizing.

northern sky with a hint of the milkyway

Seeing our Milky-way is always exciting, we would love to see the northern lights one day 

We enjoyed a few walks down to the dock. Just being by the water and playing was a really good time. Each time we saw something new.

dropping rocks into the lake was just as fun as playing with their toys

dropping rocks into the lake and filling up the dump truck was a gun thing to do first thing in the morning

It’s nice to unplug from the regular activities and just do something really simple and enjoy nature. The boys got to see what I call a “stick bug” (sorry I wasn’t able to take a picture of it). They saw horses and cows graze in a field. We saw turtles basking in the sun, took walks through the forest and we cooked simple food, enjoyed each other’s company and made new memories to last a lifetime.

hikes in the foresthikes in the forest

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